Limited Edition Lotus C-01 Bike Form Kodewa

The German motorcycle manufacturer Kodewa, once again entered in the prestigious class of motorcycle with its new model, Lotus C-01. With the motor frame, made ​​from composite materials, titanium, and special types of steel, which is used for some elements in the airline industry, Kodewa Lotus C-01 could be the most advanced motorcycle today. These production led to a radical reduction in weight compared to engines with frames made ​​of other materials and the weight of the motorcycle without fluids is far below 200 kilograms (181 pounds). Kodewin Lotus C-01
The bike is powered by a 1.2 liter V2 engine with 200Hp, which means that Lotus C-01 is just as fast as the best of today’s motorcycles. Although this is a motorcycle that wears the name of the famous British manufacturer Lotus, it is known that the name Lotus is reserved for the bike only for marketing reasons. The name Lotus will increase the prestige of this bike which will be produced in only 100 copies. Kodewin Lotus C-01 Kodewin Lotus C-01 Kodewin Lotus C-01 Kodewin Lotus C-01

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