SamrtFaucet by iHouse Automatically Adjusts Color And Temperature

A faucet for just sprinkling water is so yesterday. iHouse’s SmartFaucet is smart enough to automatically adjust color and temperature. It’s actually the world’s first internet-connected water tap. When you can buy refrigerators, toasters, ovens and dishwashers, connected to the world wide web, than why faucet would not have the same treatment? Smart-Faucet-by-iHouse-1   SmartFaucet is a tap with built-in face recognition technology which will automaticall adjust the water to the exact temperature and pressure of each person in the house, according to their profile. This innovative tap also promises an adjustable flor, an internal heating coil to provide hot water faster, and LEDs that change the color of the water based on temperature. It also has a touchscreen that lets users check their e-mail, see their personal calendar and access weather information. Smart-Faucet-by-iHouse-4 Smart-Faucet-by-iHouse-3

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