Feddz Electric Scooter

More and more interests deserve electric vehicles especially two-wheeled. The FEDDZ is not just another regular electric scooters, because it is designed for transport of any cargo. Yes, some of the current models offer the possibility of putting bags from stores, and even have a separate mini storage cargo, but the scooter company Emo-Bike, full name Fast Electric Drive Dynamicz (FEDDZ) is focused just on the cargo. Feddz Electric Scooter
The problem with electric vehicles is usually a space occupied by the difficulty battery packs, as well as a limited range, if instead the battery manufacturer leaves the space for passengers and cargo. FEDDZ has, part of the problem, solved by placing an electric motor in the rear of the bike (wheel) as well as battery, so that the central part of the frame was completely hollow, and ready to transport cargo. The space has an impressive 23 liters. Feddz Electric Scooter There are two options of battery, from a basic “ECO” battery, which takes you around 43.4 miles, or the “PREMIUM,” giving you a general range of 63.3 before needing a recharge. Prices are from $8,251 to $9,629 depending on the model and range from a top speed of 15 to 27 mph. Feddz Electric Scooter Feddz Electric Scooter Feddz Electric Scooter

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