50 Years Old And $800,000 Worth

Half a century ago a little care was given to consumption, comfort, security and other things that today are so much present. As a result, the cars were incredibly fast and lightweight. One of them, will soon bring to its owner a small fortune, because there are those who wish well to pay for the nostalgia. A rare copy of the Pontiac model from 1963 will be soon on the auction and is expected to reach a price of $800,000. What makes this particular car is the fact that during the 60 ‘s, when the car was created, manufacturers have competed who will make car – rocket. Pontiac Catalina is a result of these efforts. 50 Years Old And $800,000 Worth The main aim of engineers was to reduce vehicle weight and therefore they replaced heavy steel with light aluminum. Even the frame is made of aluminum and a variety of other parts. Some parts are even completely omitted, mainly those responsible for the comfortable ride, but a motor is a different story. According to official specifications V8 engine with 4.2 liters gives the power of 410 horses, but we believe that it is a lot stronger aggregate, because this car in 1963 distance of 400 feet crossed in just 12:27 seconds. Pontiac Catalina will be auctioned across this week and is expected to achieve cost between $650,000 and $850,000. 50 Years Old And $800,000 Worth

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