World’s Most Expensive Divorce – Dmitry Rybolovlev Have to Pay €3,2 Billion

The most expensive divorce in the world is worth €3.2 billion ($4,36 billion). That’s the sum which Dmitry Rybolovlev will have to pay to his ex-wife Elena. The Russian tycoon, owner of the French football team AS Monaco, will downsize its assets by almost 50%, after the decision of the Swiss courts, which have imposed this financial setback. Marc Bonnant, Ms Rybolovleva’s clearly delighted lawyer, said the figure represented an ‘amicable settlement’ after six years of tough negotiations. Dmitry and Elena are both 47 years old. Their marriage lasted 24 years. His wife is also touched on some real estate jewel, over custody of the couple’s youngest daughter, Anna, who is only 13 years old. World's Most Expensive Divorce - Dmitry Rybolovlev Have to Pay €3,2 Billion
The two former spouses had met in college, at the University of Perm, Russia. Then the wedding, celebrated in 1987. Finally breaking the cartel sentimental and divorce, with the financial implications arising therefrom. With the amount of her intended, Dmitry’s ex-wife could become the richest woman on the planet. We take this opportunity to say that the city with the highest density of divorced women among the richest in the world is London, which attracts many Scrooge, for the happy taxation and the pivotal role in business and international finance. When talking about the list of the thousand wealthy subjects, the leading is Slavica Ecclestone – Bernie Ecclestone’s ex-wife. The owner of Formula 1 had to splash out the pharaonic figure of £740 million ($1,24 billion). With such a dowry old companion of the King of the Circus can spend an entire day to spend money in the most exclusive shopping streets in the world. Is not doing badly either Irina Malandina finished in the runner-up with £155 million ($261 million) as settlement obtained by Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich, whose personal fortune is worth £10 billion ($17 billion). Also on the list is Diana Jenkins, the recipient of a severance pay of £150 million ($252 million) after her divorce from wealthy banker Roger Jenkins. In fourth place, with £100 million ($168 million), is Galina Besharova, a former Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky’s wife. Although she certainly can not complain. World's Most Expensive Divorce - Dmitry Rybolovlev Have to Pay €3,2 Billion

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