Hand-Made Nymph Lamps

Give your living room or bedroom a sense of individuality and exotic charm with these hand-made Nymph Lamps. Made with a brilliant sense of playfulness by Vainius Kubilius, this beautiful and exquisite lamps will completely change your perception of what can do lighting in contemporary space. Even when they switched off, these lamps will transform your home into a magical and dynamic place. Vainius Kubilius Nymph Lamp Each Vainius Kubilius Nymph Lamp is hand-made from coconut, which is filled with thousands of tiny holes. Made of leather or suede, these amazing pieces come to life light in the unique style. “I wanted to learn how to create lighting that would not only provide light, but woke up feeling. I’d like to think that my lamps are kind of aphrodisiac, which will create more passion in people’s lives. A passion is needed. “Said designer Vainius Kubilius. Vainius Kubilius Nymph Lamp

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