Novamarine’s Black Shiver 220

Back in the eighties, Novamarine re-invented the rib and put a lot of innovation into this style of craft. Now, Sardinia based company has unveiled their latest Black Shiver 220 mega yacht tender. Tailored exclusively to meet the owner’s specifications and reflect his personality and taste, this striking rib yacht offers several layout options and an endless combination of materials and colors. The 220 Black Shiver Jet is the biggest model ever built by the company, with a capacity of thirty max persons on-board, and with an over night accommodation space dedicated to one large owners cabins. Novamarine's Black Shiver 220
A crew cabin with head is also featured. Huge sundecks, spacious seats, one or two cabins, head, galley and a crew area allow the 220 to be not only a tender for mega yachts but also a self-sufficient means to cruise anywhere while arousing admiration and wonder in anyone in sight. The tubes used for the Black Shiver 220 yacht tender and the entire Black Shiver line use a special shock-resistant rubber foam that is resistant to punctures and does not deflate thus offering greater safety and stability and allowing a larger interior space because of its semicircular shape. Novamarine's Black Shiver 220 Everything is controlled from a console which is the quintessence of technology, not unlike the cockpit of a jet plane. The vessel is powered by twin 1850hp engines with jet propulsion, which deliver a max speed of 50 knots. Gorgeous, powerful and huge Black Shiver 220 represents a distillation of power, technology, luxury, as well as design. Novamarine's Black Shiver 220 Novamarine's Black Shiver 220

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