Perrier Inspired by Street Art Limited Edition Collection

Perrier is one of the companies who noticed the significance of street art in contemporary visual culture. So, this renowned French brand of bottled mineral water teamed up with three leading international contemporary and street artists to release its all-new Street Art limited edition collection. JonOne, Kobra and Sasu are three selected street artists involved to interpret their visions of Perrier and put them on the plastic bottles and cans. Perrier debuts limited edition Street Art collection of sparkling water JonOne, a New York native who has lived in Paris since the late 1980’s, revisits the Perrier glass bottle series with colorful abstract designs. Sasu, who hails from Tokyo, Japan, brings her elegant and geometric creations to the Perrier PET plastic bottles. Kobra, from São Paulo, Brazil, adds dynamic graphics and lively patterns to the range of Perrier slim cans. As an extension of the Perrier Street Art launch, the brand has commissioned Colossal Media to hand-paint 10 outdoor murals across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Chicago, and Los Angeles. These dynamic murals, original street art in themselves, are set to appear on September 22nd, with one additional art mural to be revealed in December in Miami, just in time for Miami Art Week. Perrier debuts limited edition Street Art collection of sparkling water The Perrier Street Art limited edition collection is now available for purchase through most major retailers. The artwork will be featured on the glass bottle’s 750mL, 330mL and 200mL sizes, the recyclable PET bottles in both 1L and .5L sizes, and Perrier’s 250mL slim cans in original, and all-natural flavors including pink grapefruit and lime.

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