Precious, unique table clocks have been a tradition at BUBEN&ZORWEG ever since the company was founded almost 20 years ago. Building upon this experience and tradition, the new ALLURE, with its new stylish and moving design, is setting another fascinating milestone in its field. The name ALLURE is synonymous with fascination, charm and charisma, and it is also the designation of one of the latest creations to leave the hands of the specialist designers and watchmakers at the manufactory in Germany. The ALLURE by BUBEN&ZORWEG
Focused on the essential, a generous use of glass provides interesting insights into the workings of the inner mechanism of the 8-day precision movement of German manufactory. An integrated LED lighting system turns the ALLURE into a real shining example of successful design with well-balanced, proportionate lines encircling the elegant dial. The ALLURE by BUBEN&ZORWEG The “watch inside the clock” is an equally unusual feature that gives the ALLURE additional appeal and exclusiveness. An advanced TIME MOVER system situated beneath the dial offers a safe haven for a mechanical watch with an automatic winding system, keeping it ready and available at all times for the owner. Alternatively, a weather station can be installed instead of the watch winder. Crafted for the discerning collector looking for the extraordinary, the ALLURE is unquestionably a scholarly alternative to mass-produced luxury. The ALLURE by BUBEN&ZORWEG The ALLURE by BUBEN&ZORWEG The ALLURE by BUBEN&ZORWEG

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