Mark Webber’s Red Bull RBR3 F1 Car On Sale

Briton Nigel Baskerville offers for sale original F1 car RBR3 which was driven for Red Bull by Mark Webber in 2007. Seller asking for 250,000 pounds($400,000). How is Nigel Baskerville from East Grinstead came to the original car is not explained, but said that he is probably the only private owner of the Red Bull cars that participated in the Formula One races. This car with the number 15, which is powered by the Renault 2.4 liter V8 engine, and designed by Adrian Newey, Mark Webber drove in the Australian, Bahrain, Malaysia, Monaco and Spain Grand Prix races. Mark Webber's Red Bull RBR3 F1 Car On Sale
If you have a surplus of 319,000 euros($400,000) and want to buy a Formula 1 race car, of course you will first check whether this is indeed the original car, and if so, then buying this makes a good investment. Mark Webber's Red Bull RBR3 F1 Car On Sale

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