Courvoisier Launches Four High-end, Limited Edition Cognacs

Christmas is that time of the year when rare, limited-edition products see the light of the day. Courvoisier perhaps a little out of line when launched not one, but four high-end, limited edition Cognacs. Released exclusively to the UK market, this limited edition range has been hand crafted by Courvoisier master blender Patrice Pinet, who selected the liquid from the château’s Paradis cellar, which contains the brand’s rarest Cognacs. Courvoisier Launches Four High-end, Limited Edition Cognacs
Courvoisier Reserve 1978, Courvoisier Heritage De Louis Renard, L’Esprit de Joséphine, and Courvoisier Tribute Borderies tell the story of the cognac house through the ages and celebrating the work of its six master blenders. For those with more modest budgets, the house has released 10 bottles of Courvoisier Réserve 1978, housed in a “vintage” bottle dating from the early 20th century, priced at £1,100. A rather larger scale release at 50 bottles is the Courvoisier Heritage De Louis Renard, which represents a blend of Cognacs laid down between 1869 and 1914. Packaged in Baccarat crystal decanters, the expression can be yours for £7,500. Courvoisier Launches Four High-end, Limited Edition Cognacs The smallest release of all is the L’Esprit de Joséphine, of which just 8 Lalique decanters have been released, priced at £9,715 each. Inspired by French empress Joséphine de Beauharnais and her rose garden, the expression has been created from a selection of 19th and 20th century Cognac from Borderies, a region which traditionally offers a particularly floral style. Top of the range is Courvoisier Tribute Borderies, of which there will be just five dame-jeannes available, each priced at £51,600. Each dame-jeanne will be filled into 43 bespoke 70cl bottles, which can be personalised by its owner. The owner will also be offered a stay at the Courvoisier chateau in Jarnac, a visit to the paradis cellar and dinner with master blender Patrice Pinet with a guided tasting of Tribute Borderies. The spirit is blended from the eaux-de-vie of just one estate in the Borderies, the smallest of six Cognac crus. It has been maturing in Limousin oak casks since the early 1960s and has 46.5% abv. Courvoisier Launches Four High-end, Limited Edition Cognacs

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