Singapore Airport Changi Jewel – Like No Other

Singapore airport Changi Jewel will not resemble on any other airport in the world. Photos posted by the company’s website reveals how the building will look when it will be completed in 2018. It will have 10 floors, under-five and five above ground. In addition to the terminal, Jewel Changi will have stores, home, entertainment and recreation centers. The airport will be built on the place where is the old parking lot now, near Terminal 1 at Changi Airport, and will be naturally connected with other terminals. Singapore Airport Changi Jewel - Like No Other
The central part of Changi Jewel will be forest valley, garden with five floors and with thousands of trees, ferns and shrubs. The airport will have a donut shape, and on its hollow center section, will have 40 meters high Rain Vortex waterfall. During the night it will make the sound and light spectacle. Passengers will be able to stay in a hotel that will have 130 rooms and will be made a new underground links for the airport terminals and railways.

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