Supercar Barnard BTR With 2000HP

These days, the supercar of 700 horsepower is not an “exotica”, but with 1100, and especially 2000 “horses”, makes a drastic difference! When we talking about supercars, the name of the South African company Barnard, almost anywhere is not mentioned, but, it is, in fact, a true injustice, because Barnard produces “runners” for the last 12 years! Recently, they unveiled new model under the name BTR700, which is an evolution of the previous car B7, and for the first time, they provide for potential buyers personalization when it comes to the power of the engine. Supercar Barnard BTR With 2000HP
The BTR700 runs General Motors LS7 7.0-liter V8, which releases 700 horsepower. However, in addition to BTR700, on the offer are BTR1100 and BTR2000, with a fantastic 1100 horsepower, and almost incredible 2000 “horses”. Credit for that, certainly have the two turbochargers, which in these versions are installed in the BTR car. Basic BTR700 has a 5-speed sequential transmission, while the more powerful BTR1100 and BTR2000 has 4-speed sequential gearbox. Supercar Barnard BTR With 2000HP Otherwise, more powerful models will be made in limited editions of only 10 copies per year. Prices for the BTR models are not yet officially announced, but given the high technology and exclusivity, it is clear that they are intended for those with very deep pockets. Supercar Barnard BTR With 2000HP Supercar Barnard BTR With 2000HP

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