Mercedes Maybach S-Class Available Now For $167,000

Mercedes has released new photos and price list for Maybach luxury S-class. The cheapest model in Germany will cost 134,000 euros, or about $167,000. In addition to luxury equipment, Mercedes Maybach is longer by 200 mm than the regular S-class, so that the total length of this car is 5453 mm and a wheelbase is 3,365 mm. Passengers in the back received extra legroom, which makes this model uique on the market, compared to to the other manufacturers of luxury cars. Mercedes Maybach S-Class Available Now For $167,000
Mercedes Maybach S Class is designed primarily as a car that will drive the private driver, while the owner comfortable resting on the rear seats. To be enjoyed in one such luxury car, the buyer will have to pay at least 134,053 euros($167,000) for the model S500, while the S600 model costs 187,841 euros or about $235,000.

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