The Best Chocolate In The World By To’ak

Chocolate is without doubt one of the most popular desserts in countries all around the world. But, unfortunately, mass production, has led that chocolate lose some of its best features. But, To’ak, an exclusive brand of chocolate, which was created by an American and an Austrian living in Ecuador, does not think so. They use only the finest ingredients and traditional methods. For two years, they produce less than 600 bars of the chocolate, and each is selling in wooden boxes and numbered according to the year of harvest. The Best Chocolate In The World By To'ak
Each chocolate comes with a grain of cocoa in the middle, and in the case is a wooden tweezers by which you are taking chocolate piece by piece. Only a few hundred of these chocolate exists in the world, and a piece of 50 grams costs 260 US dollars. The Best Chocolate In The World By To'ak

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