Zuccon International Project Presents Navetta 37

Zuccon International Project sings the internal and external design for the new Navetta 37, flagship for Ferretti Group’ semi-displacement Custom Line series. The 37-meter Navetta 37 yacht has been entirely designed by the studio Zuccon International Project, just like other line’s models. For this project, the studio proposed several designing elements, significantly innovative, when compared to other models of the same category on the market. Zuccon International Project Presents Navetta 37 Yacht The new Navetta 37 whose premiere occurred in Miami Beach during the “2015 Yacht & Brokerage Show”, stands out from the previous model for its dynamic and sporty design, for the layout solutions adopted onboard, usually found on much bigger yachts, together with unique chances for a total customization. With four VIP cabin on the Lower Deck, plus the Owner suite, the Navetta 37 can host up to 11 guest and 6 crew member. Her distributive layout includes, a three bridges solution plus the sundeck; a clever distribution of the volumes, though, result in an optimal exploitation of the spaces onboard, making thus possible to adopt solution that can usually be found only on much larger boats, such as, for example, a complete separation of the board flows: total privacy for the Owner and his guests and ample freedom of movement for the crew. Zuccon International Project Presents Navetta 37 Yacht In the interiors, apart from a physiological structural rigidity defined by the layout, the Owner will have a wide range of choice regarding materials and furniture. In engineering the new flagship provides its owner with four different possibilities of motorization. All in all: the customization is complete, you just have to choose how would you like to experience the sea. Zuccon International Project Presents Navetta 37 Yacht

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