Excellent Choice Mr. Bond – James Bond Enjoys Belvedere Vodka

James Bond Enjoys Belvedere Vodka

Shaken or stirred? Olive or twist? Mexican actress Stephanie Sigman shares her favorite martini who plays Estrella in the opening scene of the “Spectre” – the highly anticipated 24th instalment of the James Bond series, which debuts in the U.S. on Nov. 6. It’s a global ad campaign for Belvedere 007 SPECTRE vodka. This is Belvedere’s first Bond partnership.

James Bond Enjoys Belvedere Vodka
James Bond Enjoys Belvedere Vodka

Polish brand president Charles Gibb acknowledged that it comes with “huge pressure.” He added: “This is a massive partnership for us. It’s the largest global collaboration that we’ve ever done. With that comes extraordinary responsibility.”
Belveder didn’t release dollar terms for the deal with the movie, which is backed by Sony Pictures Entertainment and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios. A spokeswoman only said that “this is the largest global campaign Belvedere has done.” This ad is part of a larger promotional deal that includes special edition 007-branded bottles. Belvedere hopes Bond can boost flagging vodka sales.

James Bond Enjoys Belvedere Vodka
James Bond Enjoys Belvedere Vodka

The offering includes:
The limited edition Belvedere 007 SPECTRE Bottle features the iconic James Bond gun barrel. A closer look reveals the mark of the SPECTRE organization and a recipe for the timeless Shaken Not Stirred 007 martini.
The 1.75L limited edition Belvedere 007 Silver Saber Bottle features elegant lines and a polished metallic finish. Etched by laser, the iconic 007 mark illuminates in an homage to the cutting edge style celebrated by Belvedere and Bond.

James Bond Enjoys Belvedere Vodka
James Bond Enjoys Belvedere Vodka

The Belvedere MI6 Bottle replaced the iconic Belvedere Palace with the famous MI6 headquarters and switches the signature blue palette for a distinctive green, mirroring the secret spy agency’s ink of choice. Only 100 collector’s edition Belvedere MI6 Bottles were produced.
Prepare your Shaken Not Stirred martini in style with the Belvedere SPECTRE 007 Shaker. This limited edition pack features a Belvedere bottle in a distinctive and elegant stainless steel shaker. Pour your ingredients, add ice, shake, strain and serve in a chilled martini glass for the ultimate cocktail experience.
Excellent choice, Mr. Bond!

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