Audi R8 Of Half A Million

Audi R8 has not yet lost its luster. This car for several years conquers the lovers of motorsport with its design and performance. German tuning company MTM, has decided to improve the R8 model and to offer a special version that most people will not be able to afford. It is chromed R8 which is based on the V10 version. This metal beast under the hood has a 5.0 liter V10 engine that develops 800 horsepower. This means that this car can develop a speed of 217.5 mph, and has acceleration to 60 mph in 3 seconds.
Chrome Audi R8

Chrome Audi R8

In addition to the engine, this car possesses another very important difference, in comparison with other models, and it is a special color. It is a metallic chrome color that really looks amazing. This color helps the car to look unique and gives it a strong, metallic look. Developers of this car have invested over 700 hours just to paint R8 model, so you can imagine how much they needed to complete the entire car. Since this car is unique in every sense of the word, its price is 500,000 € or about $570,000.

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