Fashion On Intel’s Way – Intel MICA Smart Bracelet

Intel has introduced Mica, a special kind of bracelet that combines a sophisticated design with all the functions that a smartwatch must have. The bracelet is designed for all women who are in a hurry without stopping and always in touch with business partners and friends. Intel Mica is an abbreviation of My Intelligent Communications Accessory, where the focus is on the female part of the population, which was quite neglected when it comes to all kinds of watches and smart technology devices of similar function.
Intel MICA Smart Bracelet

Intel MICA Smart Bracelet

Integrated Sim card and curved OLED screen enables a number of functions: sending and receiving text messages, e-mail, internet connection, phone book and much more. The bracelet comes with a stylish design, 18-karat gold, pearls, and precious stones. There are two designs, first with bright crystals from South Africa and the Russian obsidian, while another comes with a mixture of pearls from China and lapis lazuli stones from Madagascar. You can buy it at Barneys in New York for $495.

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