Laris Art Luxury Furniture With Swarovski Crystals

Laris Art, started by Clara Duna in 1990, has had furniture and decorative design experience since 1996. Her unique creations are a testament for the perfect union between that passion, her art and all the viewers’ emotions. The care for every small detail is what gives these pieces a sense of exclusiveness and of extraordinary quality. Each piece is handmade and unique. Along with her daughter, Iulia Lis, herself a designer of unique objects, with numerous galleries and an intense artistic activity since 2002, Clara Duna created this brand in order to bring the elegance and the power of their creative passion throughout the years in every home, ranging from different styles and ideas that are well-suited for every taste. She has a portfolio of products that comes shimmering in Swarovski crystals, designed with an artistic flair.
Laris Art With Swarovski Crystals

Laris Art With Swarovski Crystals

If you really want to bring an exquisite crystal studded range to your home, this furniture is sure to do it. French Antique secretary desk with drawers – a result of the passion for art… a furniture embellished with over 160.000 crystals from Swarovski. The perfect combination between the decorative elements and the artist’s impressive skill gives those objects a fashionable tint of elegance. The secretary desk, carefully handcrafted with a great care for detail make Laris Art the ideal source for unique furniture pieces across the world.

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