Cruise For Mystery Lovers

For all lovers of mystery, intrigue and travel, here is a new treat, which combines all their favorite activities into one nice package .. Bolsover Cruise Club has just introduced its Secret Sailaway cruise, which all destinations wisely hidden in a series of riddles. The company will reveal the cost of the tour, as well as the departure date and the return to its potential customers, but that’s about all they will know. Details concerning the destination, pause and flights are hidden in riddles that passengers must resolve by themselves.
Bolsover Cruise Club Secret Sailaway Cruise

Bolsover Cruise Club Secret Sailaway Cruise

They have already presented their riddles, and you will, if you solve them, know their secret travel schedule. If you can’t solve, but you decide to embark on this journey, things will become clearer every nautical miles that move. So, here’s what we know so far: the price of the cruise is £12,339 and includes six destinations for sixteen nights, and several five-star stop-overs in some of the world’s best hotels. Everything else is a mystery. If you want to try to resolve them, you can see them in our gallery, or be a little bolder, and engage in this amazing adventure, which will certainly be fun, comfortable and luxurious.

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