Most Expensive McLaren 675LT In The History Has Additions Of Pure Gold

In McLaren have found a winning formula, so whatever they made, they sold in record time. Even when it is a bit ridiculous special versions with high prices. In the world of supercars everything is permitted to create a superior product, but the obstacles are not various in extravagant accessories that can often doubled the price of the car without a direct impact on performance. The latest example comes from McLaren. After launched model 675 LT, the entire series of 500 copies sold out in two months. There then followed a Spider version of the same series that has flared in just two weeks. In order to satisfy the thirst of many fans, they launched a special Carbon Series of 25 copies. You guessed it, also it was soon found their way to customers.

Most Expensive McLaren 675LT In The History

The latest copy is based precisely on the pre-mentioned series, and on version in a special kind of blue shades with only three cars produced so far, and that allows at certain angle to see a matrix of carbon fiber. Since the car is designed for extremely rich and demanding customer who in his fleet has the most radical (and most expensive) McLaren P1, the department MSO (McLaren Special Operations) had to offer something else. So the car got some unique details like the logo brand of silver, and on the wheels are some of the most extravagant detail we’ve ever heard. Weights loaders which are used for balancing are normally made of lead, and there are of pure gold. Another gold addition is much more logical. Regarding the engine compartment that is lined with gold modeled on the legendary McLaren F1. To create a unique car has spent about 100 hours, and at the end, US client paid $820,000 for the car, more than double the “regular” 675 LT Spider. Recall, 675 LT is powered by 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 engine with 675hp and 700 Nm, and up to 100 km/h reaches in 2.9 seconds with max speed of over 320 km/h.

Most Expensive McLaren 675LT In The History

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