Luxurious Dragon Smoking Pipe

Presenting a truly exclusive gift to a person is the best way to tell him about your feelings and express your attitude. The exclusive gifts of the online store BonCadeau (Russian jewelers) are unique and unique, and sometimes unique in their way. Samples of high art and luxury goods, the circulation of which is often limited to one copy. Such one example is this Dragon Smoking Pipe, priced at RUB 5,000,000 ($85,170).

Dragon Smoking Pipe

This unique smoking accessory shaped like a dragon, not for smoking dragons is truly artwork adorned with black and white diamonds – 47 pieces – 1.67ct.; rubies – 38 pieces and sapphires – 6 pieces. This hand-crafted piece of luxury also features an exclusive piece of Blue Coral alongside two pieces of exquisite tiger eye, two tourmaline and one nephrite. The basis of the dragon is a rotating jade stand, while the moving elements are the mouth and wings of the dragon. Chubuk contains a secret camera.

Dragon Smoking Pipe

Credit: LuxuryLaunches

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