Unique Utopia Concrete Speakers

Utopia is a new brand from Budapest that specializes in creating made-to-measure Bluetooth speakers … In their work, they only use the best high-end components and concrete. As they say, their work is “an interesting mix of brutalistic and industrial design, with wireless sound broadcasting technology.” Utopia Handmade Concrete Speakers are ideal as decorative elements of one space.

Utopia Concrete Speakers

Their disadvantages in terms of portability, these speakers compensate with sound quality and unique style. As you might have guessed, every speaker is made manually in Budapest, and because of the nature of the material that is dominant in this concept, there will never be two cosmetically similar models. However, all of them will produce sound of the same quality due to low resonance casing, speaker hardware and Bluetooth 4.0 aptX or 3.55 wire connections. Currently, these speakers are not available for purchase, but will be in the most recent time because the interest they created is simply immeasurable.

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