Vault-Themed Shoe Store In Bangkok

24 Kilates is no stranger to the shoe game, as the Barcelona-based retailer has been around for more than ten years. But, they are now mentioned due to their specific, stunning Bangkok location. The space was designed by the firm External Reference Architects, and looks more like a bank vault. To be more precisely – like a golden bank vault, complete with a barred gate, deposit boxes, and a non-functional vault lock.

24 Kilates Store

“The interior looks like an exclusive treasury, filled with safes and safety boxes,” said the architects. The deposit boxes serve as display cases for their products, and may be opened to put a sneaker in plain view or to shield it and catch a passer-by’s attention.

24 Kilates Store

Occupying a 38-square-metre plot, the shop also contains a second space. As well as the display area, there is a seating area where customers can try on shoes and other products, and which doubles as a venue for events and parties. The storefront is a true feat of interior design and one of the most unique shoe shops the world has ever seen. As 24 Kilates grows as an international brand we hope to see more projects like this take the stage.

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