New Luxury Cottage In The French Alps

If you enjoy winter sports and winter holiday like we, you’ve probably dreamed of owning a cottage in the French Alps … Well, you’ll be interested for the largest and most luxurious villa in the beautiful Val-d’Isere Resort which can be yours at a price of $10.6 million. It’s Chalet Husky, a property that outdoors may not seem so impressive, but offers you 610 square meters of luxury in your interior, equipped with everything you can wish for.

Chalet Husky

This cottage has seven bedrooms, an indoor pool and a climbing wall. There is also a bar and a dining room, as well as a unique indoor garden with an elegant glass bridge. On the first floor there are main areas, which are accessible with the help of a private elevator connected with the underground parking.

Chalet Husky

Of course, part of this lodge is a fireplace, connected to the kitchen and living room, which means that you will be able to enjoy every party you organize. However, we believe that this feature is designed for rest, relaxation and privacy. The perfect cottage is located about 300 meters from the center of this resort, which attracts skiers and lovers of snow and winter from all over the world.

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