Mickey Mouse Made Of 100,000 Flowers Adorns Dubai Miracle Garden

One more Guinness World Record arrives where else than to Dubai. This time we’re talking about an 18-meter Mickey Mouse statue which can be seen at Dubai Miracle Garden. The statue weighs almost 35 tons and is made up of 100,000 plants and flowers, including white Petunias, yellow Violas and red petunias. “We employed over 100 workers, engineers and designers with 50 tons of concrete foundation,” said Abdul Nasser Rahhal, the man behind Dubai Miracle Garden.

Mickey Mouse Made Of 100,000 Flowers

Thus, a super-sized version of Disney’s beloved Mickey Mouse is now Guinness World Record holder for the World’s Tallest Supported Topiary Sculpture. This is the third Guinness World Record that the Dubai Miracle Garden has received. The new attraction with the Dubai Miracle Garden is part of the upcoming 90-year anniversary of Mickey Mouse, and six more Disney-themed structures will be built as part of Dubai Miracle Garden’s licensing agreement with Walt Disney.

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