Burberry’s New Belt Bag

The first association with Burberry is of course their iconic trench-coat. Now, we have also striking bag for all time as well. New Belt bag, as inspired by the brand’s iconic trench coat, can be worn every day and for every occasion. The oversize tote is exceedingly simple and comes ringed with an oversized belt. Initially available in two sizes, each bag comes with two belts – one matching and one contrasting belt and an additional crossbody strap for variety.

Burberry Belt Bag

Handmade and dyed in Italy, the bags will also welcome a smaller sister and a clutch version in two sizes in May. The small sized version will become available in 9 colors (black, regency blue, sage green, tan, clementine, bright larch yellow, mineral grey, pale ash rose and chalk white/yellow), while the large and medium sizes will become available in new colors and materials.

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