A Place Where Mobile Phones Are Prohibited


Being obsessed with social networks, as well as the quest for a better selfie, has led contemporary man to remain unconscious of the real beauty that surrounds him.
A meaningless quest for perfect photography has led many people to danger, not to mention the sad outcome of those who have lost their lives in search of a paradise photo.

For this very reason, one hotel on the magnificent Bali, introduced the rule prohibiting the use of mobile phones near the pool.
The desire to escape to a place where no one will harass them, at least during their vacation, has become obscured, because if judged by the management of the hotel Ayana Resort & Spa, guests do not separate from their phones in moments for sunbathing, enjoying and relaxing . For this reason, the hotel introduced a ban on using the phone from 9am to 5pm, at least while enjoying one of the 12 fantastic hotel pools.

This move is part of the “At The Moment” campaign, which refers to linking to nature with no pressure for perfect photography or constant obsession with social networks. In accordance with the rules of the house, guests are also provided with cabinets where they can safely deposit their devices to enjoy swimming and evening siesta by the pool.
Commenting on the ban, Ayana Resort & Spa spokeswoman said: “Our intention is to preserve a human relationship with nature and a relationship with ourselves.”

A pool that looks like a “lazy river” is a place of tranquility, where guests can really relax. However, visitors are allowed to take photos in and around the pool before 9am and after 5pm. We assume that it’s time to get through the necessary “detox technology”!
Visitors to this beautiful resort, besides many swimming pools, also have a beach on which the hotel is located, golf courses, gym, tennis courts, SPA complex and shops of Indonesian souvenirs.

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