Exclusive Perfume Just For Verified Influencers


History has written itself, because judging by social networks, the only people who are worth on those same networks are those who have verification, or those with the blue ticks next to their name.
Now Xyrena, the perfume house additionally justifies this statement by launching the ” Verified: The Sweet Smell of Validation ” perfume that will only be able to buy selected verified elites of famous and celebrity people who have in its digital age a blue ticks beside their names.

Verified: The Sweet Smell of Validation

Verified is a unisex perfume designed by Killian Wells not for the mass, but for an elite with distinctive blue ticks on their social media profiles, such as Twitter, Instagram or Xyrena’s own GlamTube – which is only 0.004% of the world’s population.
Xyrena uses its verification process at Xyrena.com/verify to unlock the exclusive power of buying and carrying Verified perfumes.
Given that a large number of verified individuals are members of the generation of milenaries, Kilian decided to create the fragrance by containing the best of the most popular mainstream perfumes issued in the past two decades, so that it is universally recognized by the generations born in the late 90’s until today.
Verified opens with fresh notes of watermelon and spicy grapefruit with a hint of spicy pink pepper. It evolves further into the refreshing medium notes of green leaves and ozone that resemble moist grass after the rain, all built on a pleasant warm base of white musk, birch, cedar and sandalwood. Visually, the perfume itself is a light shade of a proven blue color, and the bottle carries a minimalistic sign of a blue circle with a white tick.
Since we live in a time in which popularity on social networks means more than true human value to many, so if you could choose to get a premium car or verification on social networks, people would rather choose the latter.

Verified: The Sweet Smell of Validation

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