Focal Stellia – New €3,000 Headphones


French audio brand Focal unveiled new headphones called the Focal Stellia which satisfy the demands of both luxury and tech enthusiasts. Equipped with the brand’s very best Focal technology and providing excellent soundproofing, Stellia delivers exceptional sound quality everywhere you go. The Stellia has a low 35 Ohm impedance rating and high 106dB sensitivity.

Focal Stellia

What makes Stellia stand out from the rest is the M-shaped full-range speaker driver that features a full beryllium dome, never before seen in closed-back headphones, making it truly unique. Its frameless voice coil, combined with the properties of Beryllium, provides a moving part that is unparalleled in its lightness.

Focal Stellia

Also, Stellia do not fail style and sophistication thanks to its pure design and noble materials as the full-grain leather choosen for the headband and earpads. Comfortable in spite of large size.
Focal Stellia comes in a large brown box, which has a zippered carrying case containing the headphones and two cables made from oxygen free copper and wrapped in a beautiful braided fabric. You just need €3,000 ($3,410).

Focal Stellia

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