Hermes Unveiled New Vivace Saddle


What do you think about Hermes saddle? Yes, think about that! Last week, French luxury house announced the launch of its new Vivace Saddle, designed to be as thin as possible to keep close contact between the horse and its rider.

Hermes Vivace Saddle

According to InStyle, the saddle was revealed at the 2019 Winter Equestrian Festival where equestrian Lucy Deslauriers took the new design on its first public ride. This was also her first competition as an Hermès Partner Rider.
Since 1837, Hermès has nourished the synergy between sport and craftsmanship as a maker of harnesses and saddles. Each saddle is tailor-made to suit the different requirements and morphologies of the horse and rider. To find the right saddle, each rider is assisted by one of Hermes’ experts.

Hermes Vivace Saddle

The first step is carried out on horseback, when the rider’s measurements are taken and the model chosen; then on foot, to measure the horse. This way the expert records all the details necessary for creating a unique saddle.
If you’re interested to purchase Vivace Saddle, you should know that it is available at for $8,200, along with other horse accessories.

Hermes Vivace Saddle

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