McLaren From LEGO Bricks


The 480,000 LEGO bricks met behind closed doors to present this McLaren Senna model, in the right proportions …
Thirty specialists worked 24 hours a day in shifts, almost 5,000 hours, to create this gray-orange beast, which consists of half a million small pieces. The 1: 1 model is identical to its real companion, and is designed as part of promoting the latest McLaren brand collaboration with LEGO.

LEGO McLaren Senna

LEGO supercar used parts of the real McLaren Senna car, including a steering wheel, an informative entertainment system, seats and pedals. You can even press the button to start this model, to enjoy the sound of twin-turbo V8 motor brushing through the speakers.

LEGO McLaren Senna

In addition, the wheels and Pirelli tires are mounted on the chassis, and you can even enter this vehicle through the corner door. We must admit that this project is a masterpiece!

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