Would You Pay £1,000 For Monopoly Set?


We all know that Monopoly is a game of luck, strategy, and people skills. Maybe you already hear about in UK version of the famous game called Park Lane, named after a major road in Westminster, Central London. But, you certainly haven’t heard for luxury version of the classic Monopoly boardgame, priced at £995 ($1,250)!
Yes, that’s right, for almost one thousand pounds, you can buy a luxurious update on a timeless family favourite.

Aspinal of London Monopoly Set

The Park Lane of board games, this Aspinal of London Monopoly set can be purchased at Harrods. Hand-bound in lambskin leather, the board sits atop a leather box that holds pewter playing pieces, houses and hotels, paper money, Community Chest and Chance cards and two dice. The exclusive game board measures H52cm x W52cm x D8.5cm and weighs approximately 7.25kg.
Handcrafted in England, this design is a collectible treasure for games fans young and old.

Aspinal of London Monopoly Set

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