Would You Pay $700 For Bottle Holder?


Luxury fashion lovers often swear by the Balenciaga brand when they want to describe their style …
And while this brand is known for its high prices, now has almost overstepped all limits, presenting a bottle holder with a price tag of $735. Designed in the shape of a pouch that you carry diagonally across your shoulder, the bottle holder comes with the official Balenciaga seal, which is the only reason to justify its incredible price.

Balenciaga Bottle Holder

As a chic enhancement to this brand’s work tote bag, the holder is now available for purchase online as well as at select Balenciaga boutiques worldwide. It was originally created as a pouch for your phone, but quickly changed its purpose when models walked it down the runway with bottles that were inserted into it. Contrary to marketing, your purse can be worn the way you want it.
This logo pouch is currently available in white, black and gray, and the red version will soon be available online. If you believe that good things come in small packages, then this bag will be ideal for you.
Luxury comes in all colors, sizes and shapes!

Balenciaga Bottle Holder

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