New iPhone 11 Pro Superior Jobs Will Cost You $6,000


Russian luxury phone company Caviar has come up with its new customized iPhone which celebrates one more genius. This time it’s Steve Jobs, the man behind Apple’s revolutionary products, which include the iPod, iPhone and iPad.
As a tribute to the immortal genius, Caviar creates a model of the new iPhone 11 Pro in the style of that first iPhone model that has become a breakthrough in the world of technologies.

iPhone 11 Pro Superior Jobs

The strict Apple design is embodied in the body of firm titanium: only clear lines and moderate color solution.
The main element of the model is the apple of titanium. In the center, there is, one might say, the visit card of Steve Jobs – the black roll-neck famous in its simplicity and ultimatism. The engraved inscription refers to the classic solution – the model’s name and information about it placed on the phone’s body.

iPhone 11 Pro Superior Jobs

The lower part of the smartphone is crowned with the Steve Jobs’ autograph as a seal of quality, as a sign that the device will work for you for years and years.
This design is limited to just nine pieces worldwide. The price starts at $6,290 for a standard 64GB model, up to $7,460 for the 512GB Max version.

iPhone 11 Pro Superior Jobs

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