Finest Known Copy of Marvel Comics No. 1 Sold For Record $1.26 Million


When first appeared that long ago 1939, Marvel Comics No. 1, this classic comic book could be bought for 10 cents. Now, this old comic book reaches a huge amount at auctions, due to its rarity and the fact that demand for it is not declining. Such one example, n near-mint condition just sold for a record $1.26 million.
It’s the “finest known copy” of the comic book which features the first appearances of characters such as the Human Torch, Ka-Zar, Angel and the Sub-Mariner, according to Heritage Auctions, which handled the bidding.

Marvel Comics No. 1

It’s also the most anyone has ever paid for a comic from Marvel Comics, it said. The buyer wished to remain anonymous.
Ed Jaster, senior vice president at Heritage, said the comic book was first purchased at a newsstand by a Uniontown, Pennsylvania, mail carrier who made a practice of buying the first issue of comic books and magazines. Jaster says that since then, the issue has only changed owners a handful of times.

Marvel Comics No. 1

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