Kurlisuri Throw – Luxury $950 Towel


What do you think about a bath towel- which costs a whopping $950? The US-based home decor brand Uniq’uity launched the ‘Kurlisuri Throw’, luxury bath towel, part of the brand’s ‘Uniq’Alpaca’ collection which comes with the aforementioned price.
Kurlisuri Throw is sustainably made from Alpaca, Wool and Linen. This incredibly soft and luxurious throw was made by artisans using traditional Belgium methods while using only the best Linen yarns from Belgian fields.

Kurlisuri Throw

Generously sized and features stitcthing at the ends, the Kurlisuri Throw adds the perfect touch to any bed or sofa.
The throw comes in two sizes, the regular 69″ x 51″ and the XL 106” x 57” (priced at $1,250). It has four colour variants- cream, light grey, mink and charcoal.

Kurlisuri Throw

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