Fashion And High Technology – New Motorola razr Blush Gold


Last November, the Motorola brand announced a modernized version of its folding razr phone, which was a global hit when it first appeared in the 2000s…
Their flexible touch screen phone went on sale in February this year, and now, the Motorola brand has decided to team up with New York Fashion Week to showcase the Blush Gold iteration of the celebrity device together. The pink gold Razr was unveiled during The Blond Fall / Winter 2020 fashion show, when two models pulled the phone out of their bras and made a few selfies at the end of the catwalk.

Motorola razr Blush Gold

The new unit features a flexible display and gives users the opportunity to open it just like they did with the original 2006 version. The front display gives you instant access to notifications, and the battery reportedly has a life span of 13 hours. The modern gadget in the Blush Gold option can be purchased for $1,500.


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