Villa Inspired By Audi Emblem


Polish architect, Karina Wiciak, is known for creating concept homes inspired by famous logos…
Having already dealt with Chevrolet, Adidas, Renault and Mitsubishi brands, the designer has just designed a brand new edition inspired by Audi brand. Ringhouse, as this concept is called, merges a quartet of cylinders to create a monolithic design, associating us directly with the famous automotive brand. Developed in 1932, the four-ring emblem symbolizes the unification of previously independent automakers – Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer, who teamed up to create Audi AG.


Beyond the circular logo, this concept embraced the many design details of Audi brand history and architectural features that were popular during the early days of the famous company’s glory. The building combines raw concrete, large glass surfaces and curved walls and windows.
The front façade of this structure is made of huge glass windows to give unobstructed views of the spacious courtyard and the swimming pool inside, while transmitting the optimum amount of natural light.


The living space of this villa is on one level, while the auxiliary rooms and the garage are underground.
Similar to previous creations, Wiciak incorporated high ceilings and an open floor plan to allow natural light to penetrate and good Feng Shui. Separated by glass partitions, the space plan was given to the main hall and loggia, the dining room with grand piano, a perfectly equipped kitchen with state of the art appliances, a study room, a library, two bedrooms with private bathrooms, with an additional three bathrooms.


While the concrete interior creates an industrial-style setting, the design is balanced by warm wooden accents. Meanwhile, lush greenery and contemporary artwork also add to the vibrancy of the space.
For the time being, this building is just a concept, but we believe one would easily find a person who would like to live in a villa like this.

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