Magnificent New Louis Vuitton Watch


This magnificent watch shows us the exact time in a very playful way, on a dial created by a Namibian meteorite, several million years old…
Although the conventions of classical watchmaking dictate that one model must have a minimum of two pointers to display the correct time, the past two decades have spawned many avant-garde watches and watch brands that are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone and do something completely different.

Escale Spin Time Meteorite

A glance at the brand new Escale Spin Time Meteorite model of the Louis Vuitton brand will make you aware of the fact that it is a completely unusual watch. Instead of hands, this model has twelve dice that rotate independently and give us the correct time. Eleven cubes are gray, while one of them has a golden face.
Patented and manufactured entirely in the renowned brand’s manufactory, this model is the latest addition to the Escale Spin Time collection and comes with a 41mm diameter case, made of titanium with a PVD satin finish and an 18k pink gold base.
What sets this version apart from all others is its dial, which was created from one piece of the famous Gibeon meteorite that fell in Namibia millions of years ago.
The automatic mechanism of this watch, powered by the LV77 caliber, was also previously seen in the Escale Spink Time 41 model. The dice that depict the time in the 2018 model have been given the brand’s nautical motives.
Available only on order at select Louis Vuitton boutiques, this watch can be purchased for $49,500.

Escale Spin Time Meteorite

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