Rembrandt’s Self-portrait Broke The Record


Rembrandt’s self-portrait nearly sold for $ 18.7 million during Sotheby’s virtual auction.
This sale marked a new record for the self-portrait of the Dutch master, which is also considered one of the best works of art of its kind, which were put up for auction. The painting was also one of only three self-portraits of this artist that remained in private ownership and the only one ever offered at auction. It measures 22 x 16 cm, and was sold as part of a live-streaming global auction, of which various works of art were a part.

Rembrandt’s Self-portrait

This work, which dates from 1632, that is, the period when Rembrandt was 26 years old, was wanted by 6 people who did their best to make their offer the highest. The most expensive painting sold at auction was Joan Miró’s cobalt ‘dream painting’ from 1927, which sparked an 11-minute bidding battle before selling for $28.9 million.
The sale saw five lots sell for more than $10 million and brought Sotheby’s flagship global summer series beyond the billion dollar mark.
In total, the auction earned $192.7 million. Good job!

Rembrandt’s Self-portrait

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