Louis Vuitton Launches New Corona Accessories


Louis Vuitton doesn’t seem to care too much whether the world likes their pieces or they end up forgotten as soon as they reach the shelves in boutiques. Moreover, they have already used this pandemic to their advantage and launched a protective visor with their signature, at a price of $960, which definitely provoked violent reactions on social networks.

Monogram Tapestry Bandana & Mask

That didn’t stop them from doing almost the same thing again – they just launched the Monogram Tapestry Bandana & Mask set. Apparently, Louis Vuitton wants to turn the pandemic to its advantage as much as possible, in order to even profit from all that.
Their latest set comes in a blue bag with an LV Monogram Tapestry pattern printed on a cotton cloth. When it comes to sizes, you don’t have to worry about hitting your own – the set comes with adjustable straps and ropes, with LV initials.

Monogram Tapestry Bandana & Mask

If the Louis Vuitton visor is too expensive for you, then you may like this set with a price of $480, and you can already buy it in the online store of the brand.

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