$25,000 for the Complete US Super Nintendo (SNES) Collection

If you grew up in the early nineties, surely remember Super Nintendo. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) was the best-selling console of its era, despite its fierce competition by Sega’s console. The first SNES was released in North America on August 23, 1991 and the last game was published in 1998. The best-selling game is Super Mario World with over 20.6 million units sold. Now, what do you think, how much it would take to collect a complete set of every North American Super Nintendo (SNES) game ever released? It took a half of decade to one collector, who is now selling it for $25,000 on eBay, but he is also accepting other offers!

$25,000 for the Complete US Super Nintendo (SNES) Collection
Complete US Super Nintendo (SNES) collection with all boxes and most manuals

The collection includes all 721 games sold in North America, every single box ever released, 605 unique game manuals, comprising 84% of all manuals and a large number of duplicate games and promotional materials (posters, booklets etc.). Any not-for-resale, unreleased, and unlicensed games are not included.

If you’re wondering why should someone spent a half decades in collecting SNES in a such huge number and then decide to sell, the story is that the seller, who goes by the name byuu, is the creator of the popular bsnes emulator, and to make sure every ROM available is perfect, and every scan of the cover is spot on, he spent three years building this collection, and essentially, he is looking to recover some of his losses. Byuu also breaks down the staggering amount of time it took to acquire and clean all these games, and in all, he estimates that he spent 2,000 hours buying, scanning, and dumping the games, and another 60 hours to clean each one of the cartridges.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) was the best-selling console of its era

$25,000 for the Complete US Super Nintendo (SNES) Collection

$25,000 for the Complete US Super Nintendo (SNES) Collection
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