30 Kilometers High Balloon Ride to the Stratosphere

The Arizona-based company World View Experience announced 30 km high balloon ride to the stratosphere. Two hours ride in a helium balloon 30km (19 miles) up to gaze down on Earth will cost $75,000 and is scheduled to start in three years. ”Passengers will be among the few to have seen the curvature of the Earth with their own eyes,” the statement said.


The travellers will ride in an eight-seat “luxuriously appointed space-qualified capsule”, which will ultimately detach from the balloon and glide to Earth with a parachute. This flying six-passenger, two-pilot gondola will be outfitted with a bar, food service and electronic connectivity suspended below.

World View Enterprises promises that passengers “will experience the space environment, including a period of weightlessness and the iconic space view: a curved Earth with its thin blue atmosphere against the blackness of space”.

Tourist space travel is no longer a novelty. You already know for Virgin Galactic’s Space Flight, or less famous, but no lesser quality Zero2infinity Balloon!






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Written by Slamchica

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