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$470,000 Forget Me Knot – Gold Ring with Real Human Skin and Hair

We already heard about handful of companies from UK, America, Swiss, Russia which offer people the ability to immortalize their pets, by turning its cremated ashes into piece of jewelry, diamonds specifically. Some of us thought it’s a bit eccentric and even morbidly. But what to say for “Forget Me Knot” ring by Icelandic fashion designer Sruli Recht. He “took fashion to another level” when he added a piece of his own skin, complete with hair to his latest jewelry design. To be even worst and unbelievably, he is asking €350,000 ($470,000) for this ostensibly piece of jewelry.

$470,000 Forget Me Knot by Sruli Recht

Fashion designer Sruli Recht combines a 4-inch piece of himself with a gold ring to create a unique fashion accessory that comes with a DNA certificate

Made of 24-karat gold, the Forget Me Knot ring features a human flesh overlay that was removed from Recht himself during a recent surgery. After medical professionals cut the flap of skin from his abdomen, the 4.3 inch by 0.4 inch (110 mm by 10 mm) strip was then salted and tanned so it could be mounted on the ring, according to the video’s YouTube description.

Recht’s skin ring is part of his Autumn/Winter 2013 collection, which debuted in Paris during men’s fashion week on Jan. 19. As part of the the skin ring design, Recht videotaped the medical procedure, during which he was awake. So, if you have a strong stomach and a tendency to morbidity to have a part of someone’s stomach on your finger, then you will agree that Sruli Recht is truly an artist.

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