Armonia TWR170 Loudspeakers Offer the Best Sound with Excellent Design

Armonia TWR170 Loudspeakers
Armonia TWR170 Loudspeakers

Italian hi-end loudspeakers firm, Armonia Loudspeakers, has unveiled the latest top-end loudspeakers in their range, the TWR170 model. The TWR170 speaker is a three ways dipole-bass desire model that merges their elite TICCS (Isodynamic Transducer with Separated Compression Cavities) driver and it includes with four series-parallel that works in the regularity array between 200Hz and 6kHz.

The Armonia’s new architecture allows attain extremely swift signal reaction with extremely low distortion for complete musical reproduction. The TWR170 has four 6.5″ woofers with light cones made of treated cellulose pulp. The loudspeakers has a frequency response of 28Hz-22kHz (-3dB)and efficiency of 88 dB.

Available in oak, cherrywood and ash tree finish Armonia Loudspeakers will debut their TWR170 Loudspeakers at the Milan Top Audio & Video Show, and pricing will also be announced thereafter.

Armonia TWR170 Loudspeakers
Armonia TWR170 Loudspeakers

[Source: Armonia]

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