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Limited Edition Martini Kit by Grey Goose And Baccarat

Grey Goose and Baccarat create a limited edition martini kit

This time, Baccarat brings beauty to Grey Goose martini kit. French premium vodka maker chose prestigious compatriots crystal-maker, Baccarat to create limited edition kit, dubbed “Always Stirred, Never Shaken”. The case of the set is made from custom-cut metal and has a French felt interior lining and contains all tools to make the perfect martini […]

Now You Can Make Scrooge McDuck “Gold Coin Swim” – Swiss Bank Safe Laden with 8 Million Coins on Sale

Swim in money Uncle Scrooge style – For sale a Swiss bank safe laden with 8 million coins

How many times have you been jealous of Scrooge McDuck. Probably every time when you watched him making famous “Gold Coin Swim“. Many have asked how much money does one need to pull off the money swim, and many of them even tried to come up with a formula to compute. But why bother with […]

Gold Print of Battlefield 4 Battlepack Will Cost You $2500

Battlefield 4 gold battlepack goes up the wall as a $2500 gilded print

$2500 for a gold battlepack from Battlefield 4? This one of the most extravagant pieces of video game memorabilia is actually gold print of battlepack, result of a collaboration from Dice and art dealers Cook and Becker. A high resolution render of the battlepack is “hand-embellished and gilded” in 24-carat gold leaf and gold paint. […]

Time Mover Handwound by Buben & Zorweg

BUBEN&ZORWEG proudly presents: Time Mover(R) Handwound

Austrian luxury brand Buben and Zorweg designed a sophisticated winder for hand wound watches. This must-have piece for every lover of luxury watch winder will ensure that your watch is always wound optimally. The Time Mover Handwound incorporates highly sensitive electronics with sensors that monitor the winding process – ideal for spring maintenance. It has […]

Guerlain’s Exclusive Golden Bee Bottles

Guerlain revives its “Jar of Bees” perfume in 24-carat gold to celebrate its legendary history

To celebrate 160th anniversary of its legendary Bee Bottle, master perfume maker Guerlain launched an exclusive range of fragrances.Originally created in 1853 by Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain, founder of Guerlain, legendary Bee Bottle was created for the Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III. The bottle was exquisitely hand gilded in 24 carat gold with 69 embellished bees […]

Roadworthy Replica of the Batmobile Can Be Yours for $200,000

This street legal flame-throwing Batmobile replica can be yours for just $200,000

At the beginning of this year, original 1966 Batmobile was sold at auction for a whopping $4,620,000. Since, you missed this chance to own one of the most famous Hollywood cars in history, you can opt for the roadworthy replica of the Batmobile. For $200,000, you’ll get an authentic, licensed perfect replica of famous car […]