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Mercedes-Benz Surfboard For Garrett McNamara

Mercedes-Benz Surfboard For Garrett McNamara

Garrett McNamara, the U.S surfing legend, was born in Pittsfield, in the U.S state of Massachusetts, and his family moved to Hawaii when he was 11 years old. He is the best in his job, and according to this, it is no surprise that Mercedes entered into cooperation with the world-famous surfer. With advertising agency […]

Jay Z and Beyonce Stars of the Most Expensive Super Bowl Party In History

Beyoncé And Jay Z Perform At The Most Expensive Super Bowl Party

This Saturday DirecTV hosted the most expensive Super Bowl party in history. The stars of the event were Jay Z and Beyonce. During “Super Saturday Night” Super Bowl party Beyonce surprised the crowd and joined Jay Z on stage to perform “Drunk in Love.” They kissed on stage and Jay Z urged the crowd to […]

Phil Verchota’s “Miracle on Ice” Hockey Jersey at Heritage Auctions

1980 Phil Verchota "The Miracle on Ice" Game Worn USA Olympic Hockey Jersey

Last year Mike Eruzione’s “Miracle on Ice” hockey jersey sold for $657,250 at Heritage Auctions. Now, one year later one more relic from the most significant contest in American sports history, worn by star forward Phil Verchota during the fabled “Miracle on Ice” has been offered by the same auction house. The jersey bears the […]

$100,000 Most Romantic and Most Expensive Valentine’s Day Dinner

Worlds most expensive Valentines day dinner costs $100k includes rare wines, white caviar, gold leaf and a lot more

If this Valentine’s Day packages -“Once in a Lifetime” at the Sutton Place Hotel, worth $50,000 or “Capital Engagement” at Capella Washington, D.C., priced at $777,777 are too much for you, you should consider a bit cheaper offering. Although it’s not package, but for $100,000 you’ll get the most romantic and the most expensive Valentine’s […]

4.EVER Pininfarina Cambiano – Pininfarina’s Everlasting Pen

Pininfarina’s new inkless pen is sleek and can write endlessly

At Paperworld Frankfurt 2014, Pininfarina has unveiled the 4.EVER Pininfarina Cambiano – the everlasting pen. This revolution in writing instruments can write indefinitely with no ink and no refill. The inkless pen features the Ethergraph tip made of special alloy which gives the pen a precise stroke of a pencil which are permanent like the […]

Earliest Superman Cover Art Known Could Fetch $200,000 At Heritage Auctions New York

Earliest Superman Cover Art Known To Exist May Bring $200,000+ At Heritage Auctions In New York

Fred Guardineer’s original cover art for Action Comics #15 could fetch $200,000 at Heritage Auctions‘ Feb. 20-22 Vintage Comics Signature Auction in New York. This is the earliest Superman cover art known to exist. “It is a blockbuster piece of early American comic art history and a fitting companion to the landmark finds in this […]

Let’s Ride in Style! Martone Cycling’s Red Chain Bikes

The Red Chain Company: Fashion Forward Martone Cycling Co

Martone Cycling Company is a fashion- and design-driven bike company. Some big names in fashion have been seen rolling around on this bikes, including Karl Lagerfeld. Dinstictive with its red chains, all bikes also feature a large handlebar basket, and a SRAM Duomatic rear hub, and matching tires. All bikes include a steel frame that […]