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Nantia Kitchen by Stefano Gallizioli

Nantia by Stefano Gallizioli is an innovative project inspired by traditional kitchens, with an international elements. Cabinets, large cooker and bulky hood are traditional elements redesigned on a modern and professional way, giving great importance to Nantia kitchens. The use of wooden panels, combined with special elements of Nantia line, complete the whole furniture and […]

GMC Sierra Elevation Edition

After they recently introduced Sierra Carbon Edition, American GMC has announced that this pick-up will be available in another new release, the Sierra Elevation Edition. GMC Sierra Elevation Edition will be available later this year, and the price will be announced later. Sierra Elevation Edition will be offered only in the double-cab versions, with a […]

This Is The Most Powerful Computer on the Balkans

The most powerful computer on the Balkans from recently located at the Institute of Physics in Belgrade. It worth about a million dollars, and it’s even 5,000 times faster then ordinary home PC. It’s about Supercomputer HP Paradox IV, which was purchased from the European Investment Bank. The supercomputer cluster represents an integrated, water-cooled facility […]

Social Network for Rich – Ticket $9,000

The Netropolitan Club is probably the most exclusive online community. Just as there are exclusive clubs the richest and most successful in real life come together, such a place obviously exists online. Someone obviously wanted to separate VIPs from the others even on the Internet. This community is represented as an “online country club for […]

How Much Is The Value of Pope’s White Zucchetto?

Newsreader of one Italian TV show, who managed to persuade Pope Francis to give him his white cap, manage to raise over €100,000 for charity thanks to it. Head of the satirical show program “Le Iena” (Hyena) arrived at the crack of dawn to the Vatican to be sure that he’ll be in the front […]

Sam Snead’s Driver Used In More Than 100 Victories At Auction

Sam Snead’s driver which he used on the PGA Tour for 17 years goes under the hammer at Heritage Auctions’ Sports Collectibles Golf Catalog auction, Sept. 25-26 in Dallas. This driver which helped him to win more 100 tournaments between 1936 and 1953, is expected to sell for more than $250,000. “This is the very […]

Black Rolls-Royce Owned By Johnny Cash On Auction

One of the icons of not only American but also the world’s music scene is remembered for being always dressed in black. Such is the color of the car that was once owned and which is now found in the free market. Johnny Cash was one of the most influential American musicians of the twentieth […]