For Children and Adults: LEGO Fiat 500

LEGO Fiat 500

If you would like to have “Fiat 500” of LEGO cubes in your glass case, you can vote on the LEGO’s site to put the Fiat 500 in series production and boutiques of the famous toy manufacturer. Believe it or not, the largest manufacturer of tires today isn’t Michelin, Pirelli, or other brand sounding name, but it is a toy manufacturer – LEGO! It sounds unbelievable, but LEGO sells millions of sets of toys each year and each of them takes on average two tires, so you calculate …

LEGO Fiat 500
LEGO Fiat 500

These are not the only models that are designed by experts from LEGO company, but also the famous cars such as “Ferrari F40”, “VW Beetle”, as well as models from the series “LEGO Technik” – “Porsche GT3 RS” and “Mercedes Aroks” truck.
In fact, many of the models aren’t designed by people from LEGO, but talented enthusiasts with plenty of free time whose ideas came to LEGO through LEGO forum of ideas. One of them is a car that you now see – “Fiat 500“.
Since it’s a small car doesn’t mean that the creation of its scale model was easy. It is composed of 1157 parts, which is even more components than on the real car. Otherwise, the model, or toy is the work of Gabriele Zannotti.

LEGO Fiat 500
LEGO Fiat 500

It was constructed very precise and detailed and here are the main features: detailed exterior with custom prints such as the fiat logo and several prints on the back end; openable hood, trunk and doors; sun-roof (closed and opened); removable luggage-rack on the back end; suitcase with a bottle and a glass inside; detailed trunk with spare wheel, fuel tank, car jack and a toolbox; engine compartment with a detailed 500cc straight twin engine and detailed interior with movable seats, pedals, handbrake as well as custom prints for the dashboard and the speedometer.
At the time of writing, this kit has 2,525 signatures of support from 10,000 as needed to create a production version, which will later be found around the world in LEGO boutiques. Not much, but it still have 530 days until the end of voting.
If you would you like to have LEGO “Fiat 500” in your home, you can vote at

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